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Authors Title Categories
Raven McCrory Teacher Education Elementary and Secondary Mathematics Students Data from 2009-2013 College, Mathematics
Daniel Birmingham, Angela Calabrese Barton, Edna Tan Teacher Learning from Girls’ Informal Science Experiences K-12, Science
Angela Calabrese Barton, Scott Calabrese Barton, Myungwhan Shin, Takumi Sato, Daniel Birmingham, Sarah Stapleton Green Energy Technology in the City K-12, Engineering
Samina Naseem Julie Brad’s Refusal to Wait for a Messiah: A Story of a Novice Science Mentor’s Integration of Prior Experiences for Self - Development K-12, Science
Kongju Mun Collaborative activities using Issue-Concept Map(IC-map): Supporting students meaningful discourse for understanding socio scientific issues K-12, Science
Amber K. Peters, Lars Brudvig, Diane Ebert-May, and Tami Long Reform of Biological Sciences 162 – Organisms and Populations Science, College
Alita Burmeister, Mark Kauth Microbial Evolution in Action: From Classroom to Career Science, College
Dalinda Martinez and Melissa Soto Organizational Strategies that Support the Retention and Advancement of Academic Women in STEM: A Graduate Researcher’s Perspective Science, College, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Tamara Heck, Amanda Opperman, Joi Merritt, Michelle Williams Using Iterative Design Collaboration to Inform the Development of Technology-Enhanced Middle School Genetics Curricula K-12, Science
Sung-Youn Choi, Daniel Damelin, Shawn Stevens, Richard Russell, Jane Lee, Kristin Mayer, Joe Krajicik Supporting Student Understanding of Submicroscopic Interactions Using Technology Infused Materials: A Curriculum Design Study K-12, Science
Fred Dyer If/Then: A misconception in the teaching of the scientific method K-12, Science, College
Christina Schwarz, Leema Berland, Lisa Kenyon, & Brian Reiser Epistemologies in Practices: Making scientific practices epistemologically meaningful for students K-12, Science
Rebecca Tauscher, Alexandra Collins-Webb, Ryan Sweeder Comparing Longitudinal Impacts of Three General Chemistry Courses Science, College
Joi Merritt, Yiyu Xie, Liyang Mao, Amanda Opperman and Michelle Williams Developing Genetics Assessments for Elementary and Middle Grade Students K-12, Science
Jane Rice, Laura Markham, Susie Jackson, and Pat Maldonado Tracing Matter and Energy in the Human Body: Molecules to Cells to Organisms Science, College
Michelle Williams, Dante Cisterna, Liliana Ructtinger, Amy Frahm Genetics Curriculum Materials for Fifth-Graders: Learning about Inheritance K-12, Science
Tonya Bartell, Kristen Bieda, Sandra Crespo, Higinio Dominguez, Corey Drake, and Beth Herbel-Eisenmann Conversations about Privilege and Oppression in the Mathematical Preparation of Teacher Educators Other, Mathematics
Sarah Jardeleza, Gabe Ording, and Julie Libarkin Community Building Through Assessment: Creating a Culture of Practice Science, College
Karessa Weir, Jon MacDonagh-Dumler What ESPP Can Do For You Science, College, Engineering, Other
Daina Briedis, Neeraj Buch, Renée DeGraaf, Ruth Heckman, Colleen A. McDonough, Louise Paquette, Jon Sticklen, Mark Urban-Lurain, Claudia E. Vergara, Thomas F. Wolff Engaging Early Engineering Students (EEES) at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College College, Engineering
Sarah Young Strategies for Facilitating Whole-Class Discussions in Mathematics Classes for Preservice Teachers College, Mathematics
Elizabeth de los Santos, May Lee, and Andy Anderson Developing a Learning Progression for Sustainability K-12, Science
Jenny Dauer, Hannah Miller, Andy Anderson Inquiry and Argumentation in Investigations of Carbon Transforming Processes K-12, Science
William Schmidt, Richard Houang, Leland Cogan From Knowledge to Understanding: Teaching Science with the 8+1 Fundamental Concepts K-12, Science, College
Nicole Becker and Melanie Cooper Students' understanding of potential energy across the undergraduate chemistry curriculum Science, College
Rebecca L. Matz, Sarah E. Jardeleza Evaluating the Biology Initiative: Reimagining Undergraduate Biology at MSU Science, College
Kristen Bieda, Raven McCrory, Steven Wolf TEAM: Teacher Education and Mathematics for Improving Outcomes in MTH1825/100E College, Mathematics
Yong Zhou Comparative Research on Integrated Strategies in Science Curriculum Design K-12, Science
Jane Lee, Steven McGee, Jennifer Duck, Sung-Youn Choi, and Joseph Krajcik Using Interactive Materials to Develop High School Students’ Understandings of How Objects Interact K-12, Science
Julie Libarkin, Sarah Jardeleza Concept Inventories as Research Instruments Science, College
Carmen McCallum, Sarah Jardeleza, and Julie Libarkin Student Perceptions of Liberal Learning Science, College
Sarah Jardeleza, Rebecca Matz, Teresa McElhinny, Richard Allison, Eran Andrechek, Ian Dworkin, John Gerlach, Louise Mead, James Smith, Jon Stoltzfus, and Brian Schutte Structural, Pedagogical, and Curricular Reforms of Undergraduate Genetics Science, College
Kevin Haudek, Mark Urban-Lurain, and Arlene Russell Exploring Computerized Text Analysis to Predict Calibrated Peer Review Ratings of Undergraduate Writing in Chemistry Science, College
Amy Lark, Gail Richmond, and Robert T. Pennock Modeling Evolution in the Classroom: The Case of Fukushima's Mutant Butterflies K-12, Science, College
Luanna B. Prevost, Kevin C. Haudek, Emily Norton Henry, Matthew C. Berry and Mark Urban-Lurain Using Computerized Lexical Analysis of Student Writing to Facilitate Just-in-Time Teaching in Large-Enrollment Biology Courses Science, College
Sonia M Underwood, Melanie M Cooper, Leah M Corley A longitudinal assessment of a learning progression for structure-property relationships – Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything (CLUE) Science, College
Peter White, Merle Heidemann, James Smith A New Integrative Approach to Evolution Education Science, College
Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Dante Cisterna and Dawnmarie Ezzo The Nature of Science Teachers’ Learning about Formative Assessment in a Statewide Professional Development Program K-12, Science
Frances Harper From confusion to clarity: How Complex Instruction supports students' mathematical proficiency K-12, Mathematics
Michele Weston, Joyce Parker, and Mark Urban-Lurain Comparing Formative Feedback Reports: Human and Automated Text Analysis of Constructed Response Questions in Biology Science, College
Etiowo Usoro, Anthony Machniak, Joe Dauer, Tammy Long How students incorrectly relate biology concepts Science, College
Jana Jensen, Stacey Lowery Bretz Measuring Student Understanding of Acid-Base Reactions using the Acid-Base Concept Inventory (ABCI) K-12, Science, College
Alicia Alonzo, Alexander Robinson, May Lee, and Brian O'Shea Curriculum Redesign to Build upon Students' Intuitive Ideas about Motion K-12, Science
Hovig Kouyoumdjian, Melanie M. Cooper A comprehensive teaching-as-research study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of introducing new interactive learning methods and assessment techniques, to a 200-level Organic Chemistry course Science, College
Douglas B. Luckie, Jacob R. Aubry, Benjamin J. Marengo, Aaron M. Rivkin, Lindsey A. Foos, and Joseph J. Maleszewski Less teaching, more learning: a 10-yr study supports that greater inquiry and less coverage increase student learning Science, College
Julie Nurnberger-Haag Metaphors and Movement in Integer Arithmetic: What Students Learn from Walking Paths or Collecting Chips K-12, Mathematics
Delen, I., Lo, W.T., Kuhn, A., Duck, J., McGee, S., Shin, M., Mun, K., Quintana, C. & Krajcik, J. Using Mobile Devices to Connect Teachers and Museum Educators K-12, Science, Technology