MiniConference Participants

Joe Asiala MITech+
Anders Aamodt PhD Student Educational Psychology & Education Technology
Alicia Alonzo Assistant Professor Michigan State University, Department of Teacher
Charles W. (And... Professor Department of Teacher Education
Jen Arnswald Science Education Consultant Kent Intermediate School District
Wolfgang Bauer University Distinguished Professor MSU 25 year of teaching physics, mainly interested in technology use in teaching and learning, virtual university course development
Renee Bayer Associate Director for Enagagement CREATE for STEM, Michigan State University I began my work teaching environmental and secondary science education before moving into community-based public health research, teaching and practice. My research interests include issues in educational and health equity and community-based participatory research (CBPR).
Nicole Becker Research Associate Michigan State University Research associate working with Melanie Cooper in the Department of Chemistry.
Matt Berry Graduate Research Assistant MSU
Kristen Bieda Assistant Professor Michigan State University
Mary Bremigan Associate Professor Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University
Alita Burmeister Graduate Student MSU MMG I am a second year graduate student MSU using experimental evolution to study host-parasite interactions. My STEM interest is in incorporating evolution to improve the microbiology curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and I am currently working on a project to integrate experimental... Read more
Angela Calabres... Professor Michigan State University
Jerry Caldwell Director Michigan State University/College of Natural
Sue Carpenter Business Manager CREATE for STEM Institute